"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Thoreau

I am a Russian-born-turned-Ukranian, NYC-raised vagabond splitting my life and time between Costa Rica, Florida and New York. My passion is to color your world, one image at a time. I am driven to capture all of life’s magical moments that take place while we are too busy with the "business" of living. My passion for photography began in New York's High School of Art & Design. There, I learned to work with black-and-white film, its processing and printing. I had to put my trusty Olympus down to settle into “real life”, a few glamorous NYC jobs, and the surprises only motherhood can bring. My favorite subject remains my beautiful son, an always gracious and willing model as well as an eager assistant.

After moving to Costa Rica in 2009 and urgently needing a camera for Real Estate gigs AND surf school photos (quite the range in the jungle), I fell in love with digital photography when I found my "treasure" in a seedy pawnshop. This was to be my first Nikon - a D40. I was inspired to produce images of the constantly changing environment, the lack of control one had over its beauty, its power and possible, natural “chaos”. It felt truly humbling to give up control, to let go and to be just another species in this dynamic country. Photography soothes me and helps me focus on the present moment. For me, it is meditative, therapeutic, and restorative. It has helped me to become more patient, to appreciate the magnetic beauty of my surroundings, to see something incredible in what others may think is mundane and to hopefully, make them see it anew. Whatever it is I am taking a photo of simply moves me, and stops me from doing anything else. I connect with the location, the space, the people, the objects, whatever it is I am framing in the shot. This becomes the most important thing at that moment in time, captured forever. With my images, I wish to convey nothing but truth, emotion, and passion. I joyfully share these with you, the viewer. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I truly love taking them.